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      1. +86-757-85527690
        Save To guide the aluminum industry higher and stronger
        Product To supply a world-class quality intelligent aluminum equipment
        Quench system

        Four cooling modes: Air cooling, air-mist combined cooling, mist cooling, high pressure spray.
        To manage the cooling volume of all side separately.
        The control system for surround air nozzles and air volume.
        The air nozzles from middle and both sides could be managed (for large extruder).
        The controller of man-machine interface and date memory.

        Handling system

        Cooling table: To move the profiles and reduce the scratch
        Stretcher: Multiple operation, automatic operation
        Finished saw system: High cutting accuracy and good finish.

        Automatic stacking system

        To match various requirements for production line and site, with high assemblies to ensure the running stability.

        Processing capacity
        Focus on aluminum processing technology and equipment research and development To improve automaticity, reduce?Labor?strength, execution?process
        China price · World quality
        ABOUT US

        Guangdong Save Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturer to supply aluminum process line for aluminum extruder in China. We always conduct Research and Development about extrusion technology for aluminum and other related assemblies as well. We can also offer a design of whole line and technical supports for a user.

        Since the beginning, we have been reaching our goal in providing top-quality manufacturing equipment because we believe it is our responsibility to increase the standards of China?aluminum. --Energy saving, environment friendly and with high-level quality. The procedure is to improve automation level, decrease labor then carry out a processing technique with focus on extrusion technology. We will improve our innovation on extrusion technology and be unsparing in our demands for perfection to a technical front.

        Qualification honor 10+

        Qualification honor10+ >

        Patent certificate 19

        Patent certificate19 >


        To offer the better service for high-end customs aluminum processing

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